Hi Everyone!
I’m Alisha! I am an Elite Stylist and the Salon Owner here at Ihana Salon.
I graduated from Regency Beauty Institue in Duluth, MN, and have been a licensed cosmetologist since 2010.
In highschool, I was often asked to do everyone’s hair, and it quickly developed in to a passion. How cool is it that I get to create art on beautiful canvases and call it my “job”?!
My drive and “why” is wrapped up in one beautiful kiddo, my daughter. In my free time, you will find me on adventures with my husband and daughter such as camping, traveling to visit family, skiing, crafting and traveling for dance or cheer.
I am so incredibly grateful for each guest who sits in my chair and entrusts me with their hair, for all of the stories and life experiences exchanged, and for each of you who keep coming back and become my friends and family.